Saturday, June 8, 2019

Church Leadership Pt 6

This week I have been writing about what to look for in a pastor and in church leaders. But there is another side to the issue. I have seen pastors abuse churches they lead, but more often I have seen church abuse pastors who lead them. Today let me share with you what I call the Top Ten Things Your Pastor Always Wanted To Tell You, But He Never Quite Dared. 

10. My job is not to do the entire ministry, but to equip you to do the ministry alongside me. – Eph 4.11ff

9. There is nothing I can do to make this church grow. God has to do it and we all need to be a part of the process. – 1 Cor 3.6,7; Col 2.19

8. I don’t always hear clearly from the Lord. That is why I need godly elders and patient, gracious church members. – Gal 2.11; 1Cor 12.18-20

7. I can’t be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. My family needs some of my time and I need time away and alone. – 1Tim 3.4,5; Mk 6.31

6. I need somebody to feed me too, but I can’t really afford the books, magazines, journals and conferences that might help. – Jn 21.15-17

5. You are the source of my greatest joy and my greatest frustration. Give me the privilege of seeing you growing and ministering. – 1Thess 2.19-20

4. While I am not in the ministry for money, it takes money to live. I have gone to some of the most expensive private schools in the country in order to work in one of the lowest paying jobs. Encourage we with a raise, or additional benefits. (I don’t even want to think about retirement) – 1 Tim 5.17-18

3. I am not always spiritually on top of things. Pray for me! – 2Cor 1.8-11

2. Peace and joy are supposed to be the characteristics of the Christian life. Since I have become a pastor I have experienced more pressure and stress than I ever thought possible. Pray for me! Love me! Encourage me! Give me time to rebuild! – 1Co 2:3; Mk 6:31-46

1. One of the greatest fears of my life is that my children will not grow up loving the Lord, or my wife will become hurt and bitter toward me, toward the church and toward God. Pray for my wife and my children! – 1Sam 2.12, 8.5; Eph 5.23, 6.4

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